Select Published Work


The Experience Economy Is for Likers | Under the Influence Magazine | 2017
+On efficiency as an aesthetic and the nature of Experience in our data-driven dogma Progress

 Disco Night | The Fullest Magazine | 2017
+Getting loose on a biodynamic farm in Hudson, NY


Total Eclipse | The Fullest Magazine | 2017
+Experiencing the total eclipse with Kansas City's Aquarius Organization of Astrologers

The Last Opportunity | Houseshow Magazine | 2017
+On the Ringling Bros Legacy and the last ever presentation of the Greatest Show On Earth

Media and Machine Learning | Becoming Human | 2017
+Thoughts  from NYC Media Lab's Media & Machine Learning conference at Bloomberg

On the Value of Symbols | Houseshow Magazine | 2017
+The Woman's March on Washington and the importance of shared experiences

Milo Raps Different | Macho Zapp UK | 2016
+A day with alternative rapper and poet Rory Ferreira

The Alternative Is For Sale | Temporary Art Review | 2016
+On emerging New Media artists and experiential economics

Magic Capital of the World | VICE | 2016
+Photos and recap from the 79th annual magician gathering in the Magic Capital of the World

The Soft Rock Kings of Chicago | Easy Magazine | 2016
+An interview with The Walters

Good Advice I Found Online| Fulton Market | 2016
+A large installation and critical essay on the state of Native Advertising made as Artist-in-Residence

Juan Wauters and the Nouveau Ironique | These Days News | 2016
+On musician Juan Wauters and a new kind of ironic consumption

DOWN (But also UP) WITH CUTENESS! | Houseshow Mag | 2016
+Queer and feminine identity in the Chicago DIY Scene



JAMES | Jimmy World Digest |2016
+Stuff For Rich People Issue 1

Why Cup Art Is Actually A Disaster Worth Considering | Jimmy World Digest | 2016
+Parafictitious art criticism on Kinetic Sculpture