The Walters 'SGLY' Official Video Premiering on Noisey. Directed, Written & Edited. 

#BRANDSTORMERS Short Film. Ludlow House Premiere. Directed, Written and Edited. 

Trailer: Who Are The Brandstormers?

#BRANDSTORMERS is a mock Reality TV Makeover Show that follows two woke branding gurus, Pippa Coldpepper and Kendall/Kendall, as they develop an Influencer Campaign for 'Chupz, a revolutionary condiment startup.

The Walters 'Hunk Beach' Official video. Atlantic Records. Yahoo Music Premiere. Directed, Written, & Edited. 


Concept Pitch: Pepsi Natural Sugar "Live Naturally". Written and edited. (Found Footage). 


Annie Burns, Lucky Eddie Music video preview. Directed and edited.

Concept Pitch: Jeep, "Adventure Is Out There". Written, edited, and mixed. (Found Footage).